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Synchronising the Coal Supply Chain in Partnership with Coal Producers

Company Overview

CoalSync is an amalgamation of several capabilities into an independent company dedicated to the improvement of coal export logistics. This amalgamation brings together individuals and teams, many with over 20 years experience in the coal business, in areas ranging from logistics operations, optimisation, process automation and systems integration.

CoalSync is committed to providing the very best decision support, coordination, and optimisation platform, enabling Coal supply chains to get the most out of their infrastructure. We believe that this is achieved most effectively by delivering our solution as a hosted service:

  • Coal chain stakeholders focus on core business.
  • Avoids duplicated investment in dedicated technology infrastructure (datacentre space, hardware, software) by each chain.
  • Shares risk and expense with other coal supply chains.
  • Enables linked coal chains to share experiences, best practices etc. to get maximum benefit for the whole coal-producing region (or state).

CoalSync remains neutral, and is focussed specifically on the movement of coal. How much, where, and when. The CoalSync Solution begins by making this information highly usable to the people that need it most - through targeted analysis, reports and KPIs presented on tailored dashboards. Enough information to allow coal chain stakeholders to make informed decisions, without divulging anything about individual contract prices, quality or even the final customer - all we concentrate on is the movement of coal. Read more about the CoalSync Solution here .

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