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Synchronising the Coal Supply Chain in Partnership with Coal Producers

Coal Chain Challenges

Coal chain communication interfacesCoal supply chains usually involve a large number of stakeholders, and are often characterised by:

  • Isolated Scheduling of vessels
  • Fragmented communications
  • Multiple silos of information
  • Many interfaces between stakeholders
  • Short-term end-to-end view (if any)

In times of low demand, chains have been able to get by with this approach, however the global resources boom is now stretching the limits of infrastructure capacity, resulting in reduced throughput (foregone revenue), queues of ships (increased demurrage), and dissatisfied coal buyers.

This has prompted some chains to implement schemes to manage the extra demand, and resulting queues. These measures have ranged from simple quota systems implemented in spreadsheets, to comprehensive logistics executives that take over many of the day-to-day operational decision making. CoalSync has been formed to offer a platform (the CoalSync Solution) that supports a wide range of these operational models. The CoalSync Solution is a hosted service, and gives coal chains the opportunity to deploy improvement initiatives rapidly, while remaining focussed on their core business. Find out more >>.

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