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Synchronising the Coal Supply Chain in Partnership with Coal Producers

CoalSync Advantage



Simple Quota System

(Spreadsheet or manual process - e.g. DBCT Queue Management System)

Simple, quick to implement
Can be implemented relatively quickly, through something as simple as a spreadsheet.

Reduces congestion
Limiting access can provide quick gains in reducing queues.

Reduces Throughput
Quotas only limit peaks in demand, they don't provide a mechanism to make up lost capacity when a producer doesn't fully utilise their allocation. The actual throughput will always be lower than the reduced quota.

Reduces Flexibility
Fixed quota periods "partition" capacity, and limit the ability of exporters to follow natural peaks and troughs in production (e.g. can't carry over allocations from one period to the next after maintenance periods etc.).

Logistics Executive

(e.g. Hunter Valley Coal Chain)

Can take a "whole of chain" view
An executive team can operate the coal chain with visibility of the whole chain.

Increase throughput
Logistics team increases chain throughput by executive decision making at an operational level.

Reduce demurrage
Logistics team decreases demurrage, through direct operational management of the chain.

Slow to implement
A logistics executive needs to have representation or trust of all stakeholders. Issues such as independence, governance, and ownership can draw out the initial change process.

Costly to set up
The executive needs to be housed, staffed and provisioned with support tools, making it costly to establish.

Reduced transparency
Operational decision-making is carried out by the executive, on behalf of stakeholders. Stakeholders have to trust in the decisions being made - less transparent.

Does not cover long term ship scheduling activities


(Hosted Solution)

Increases throughput
Provides a framework that allows throughput to be maximised, without the constraints of a simple spreadsheet based quota scheme.

Reduces Congestion
Manages achievable throughput, and provides the visibility to avoid "peaks and troughs" in demand.

Quick to implement
Online solution, can be rolled out quickly. The CoalSync Solution includes a framework to facilitate agreement on operational protocols and rules.

Increases flexibility
Individual Coal exporters are able to take advantage of natural peaks and troughs in production, and dovetail with other producers. Maintenance can be planned with the confidence that access given up now can be reclaimed later.

Transparent and auditable
The CoalSync Solution implements operational rules and protocols agreed by the stakeholders. The rules are defined in a graphical flowchart, and are executed automatically by the system. This is a fully auditable process, that allows any stakeholder to see what factors contributed to a particular allocation or decision made.

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