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Synchronising the Coal Supply Chain in Partnership with Coal Producers

The CoalSync Solution

CoalSync SolutionNot a Consulting Exercise

  • Engineered Solution
  • Proven Technology
  • Quick to Market
  • Scalable

An Information Platform

CoalSync provides a collaborative logistics management platform for use by Coal Supply Chains - The CoalSync Solution. Coal chains retain control of their operating models, but are able to draw on advanced visibility, coordination and optimisation facilities offered by the platform. The CoalSync Solution is a hosted, web-based solution that is:

  • Independent
  • Transparent
  • Auditable
  • Secure
CoalSync operates the technology platform, so that chain stakeholders can focus on their core business - moving coal.

With a Logistics Focus

The CoalSync Solution is focussed on tonnes of coal, where and when it is moving.

  • No Prices
  • No Coal Qualities
  • No Individual Contract details

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