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Synchronising the Coal Supply Chain in Partnership with Coal Producers

The CoalSync Solution

Sample pages that will be available in CoalSync service level 1.SL1 - Foundation

The CoalSync Solution "Foundation" service level is focussed on providing end-to-end visibility for all stakeholders, in a way that protects stakeholders sensitive information. It delivers benefits by allowing coal chain stakeholders to operate with a clearer view of the coal chain, enabling more informed decision-making.

Data Requirements

Port and rail systems already track train and ship movements, and coal exporters already have access to this information. In order to build a view of total coal chain movements, The CoalSync Solution combines this rail and port data, and requires just a few additional pieces of information.

  1. Stock level updates/corrections. Port stock level estimates can be provided by port surveys, or by exporters own estimates. Levels can be tracked by port user, or down to individual stockpiles.
  2. Stockpile allocations for trains and ships. By nominating which trains and ships are servicing each stockpile, the CoalSync Solution can complete the coal flow picture, and provide views of demand on specific pieces of infrastructure between the mine gate and the berth.
Each coal chain faces different challenges, and there is no one solution for all cases. The data requirements for any chain will also change over time, as different opportunities for improvement are targeted. CoalSync's Foundation service level provides a framework for unifying coal chain logistics data, and lays the foundation for subsequent co-ordination and optimisation phases.

Data Protection

How can all stakeholders get end-to-end transparency, without fear that their own privacy won't be compromised? The CoalSync Solution uses managed views to enable each stakeholder to see just the information that's relevant to them:

  • Personal Views - Detailed information relating to their own activities. Eg a coal mine might be able to see detailed demand on their loadout, the inloaders that service their stockpiles, their port stockpiles and any ships carrying their coal.
  • Consolidated Views - Visibility of other stakeholder activities can be managed by consolidating data in summary views. For example, a coal shipper may use a consolidated view of upcoming demand to make decisions, without being given access to detailed information about other shippers. The exact level of visibility can be tailored within the CoalSync Solution and is set with the agreement of chain stakeholders.
  • Tailored Views - each chain participant sees data presented in a form that is tailored to suit their role in the chain. Coal exporters see a view from mine gate to ship, while shipping agents see just the details they need to about ships coming in to port. Port operators get high level stockyard overviews, with railing and shipping demand either side. Users are able to create personal dashboards, with their own choice of KPIs.

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