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Synchronising the Coal Supply Chain in Partnership with Coal Producers

The CoalSync Solution

Stakeholder Interfaces

CoalSync provides a range of interfaces, so that stakeholders can engage with the system at a level that suits their business needs.


The CoalSync Solution provides online reports, and personalised dashboards. For those stakeholders providing small amounts of data to the platform, web based entry forms are available. The information available to each stakeholder in the chain is tailored to his or her role. This ensures:

  • Operational Focus - Information presented is narrowly focussed to support the operational needs of the individual stakeholder.
  • Data Privacy - Each stakeholder only sees the data relevant to their own operations. Access to other stakeholder data can be strictly managed, on the basis of agreed controls.


The CoalSync Solution is able to email alerts on specific events, provide regular email reports for those that wish to subscribe, and also use email as a form of data entry. For those stakeholders using spreadsheets or similar to track their shipments, templates will be provided to allow data to be submitted by email.

Note: CoalSync recognises that by nature, email is not a secure medium. Digital signatures may be used to verify the authenticity of the sender.

Business to Business Links

For those businesses that have invested in logistics coordination systems, CoalSync offers a range of options for setting up Business-to-Business (B2B) links between systems:

  1. Web Services - Based on open industry standards, and implementing a common set of logistics-focussed calls (e.g. LogisticsXML).
  2. File Transfers - Stakeholders will be able to transfer flat (text) files and spreadsheets to the CoalSync Solution to submit coal movement information.
  3. Proprietary Connectors - Where the generic B2B links above are insufficient, the CoalSync Solution may provide dedicated connectors for a range of proprietary systems (QMastor, SAP, Ellipse, Mincom MineMarket / MineTrack etc.)

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